What is Corporate Identity Management?

Corporate identity is the visual means through which an organization is recognized. The visual assets and design elements that create the corporate identity must be used correctly, and kept up to date.

Corporate identity management is the process of controlling and managing all the relevant visual aspects and design elements, and ensuring that they are used correctly by all employees.

Corporate identity management involves:

  • Ensuring employees have access to the correct logos, fonts, images, letterheads, business cards, etc.
  • Maintaining these corporate identity design elements so that the most recent version is always available.
  • Governing how elements of corporate identity are applied to documents.
  • Controlling how corporate identity elements are used in design by employees.

Corporate Identity and the success of your organization

Global organizations often contain multiple sub-brands with their own brand identity, but one overall corporate identity. Every communication from an organization contains its corporate identity, including letters, emails, documents, presentations, and memos. It is seen through the company font, the style of presentation, the placing and sizing of a logo, and more. As a result of this, every document sent out from an organization shows visibly that it is a product of that organization.

When a document sent to an external recipient contains a strong corporate identity, the organization benefits. However, when corporate identity management is poor, and documents use the wrong design elements in the wrong places, this reflects badly on the entire organization. Ineffectively managed corporate identity can pose a huge problem to organizations.

Corporate Identity can be difficult to manage in large organizations

Marketing and communications teams are usually responsible for ensuring that documents are managed to contain the correct corporate identity. Due to the size of enterprise organizations, these documents often have to be distributed by an IT team, as must any updates to them.

Due to this, it can take a long time for employees to receive templates with the correct corporate identity, as they have to wait for IT teams to distribute these. As a result, outdated versions are often used by employees, which may contain outdated design, branding and brand elements, and this lack of continuity impacts negatively on the corporate identity of the entire organization.

Corporate Identity Management Software is an important tool

Corporate Identity software has revolutionized the way in which corporate identity is managed. Through corporate identity software, design elements can be stored in platforms that are easily accessible for all members of an organization. These technological solutions, such as Document Asset Management Systems and Storage Systems are able to store all the design elements that are needed to maintain identity, and ensure these are easily accessible to employees.

This removes both the difficulty in accessing the correct versions, and confusion about which to use, because employees know exactly where to find the assets they need, and can trust that these are always updated. Through the use of corporate identity management software, the corporate identity of the organization is easily and effectively managed and controlled.

NYC360 supports your corporate identity

NYC360 is a service solution which helps corporate identity management. NYC360 provides access to corporate identity elements, such as document templates and brand assets, from one centralized location. Admins have the rights to update these, and the updates are available to all employees within minutes. Through this, up to date corporate identity elements are always easily available to employees.

These elements can be accessed through Microsoft Office applications, meaning that it’s easy for employees to stay on brand, which strengthens the corporate identity of their organization. Through dynamic templates, the correct corporate identity elements are inserted into documents automatically – when one employee works between multiple countries or sub-brands, the dynamic template fills in the relevant personal details to reflect that. Corporate identity is maintained through this, despite the multiple locations that enterprise employees work in.

Due to the ease of using NYC360, maintaining corporate identity is simple for employees, providing a huge benefit to the entire organization.

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